Welcome to Romania. Feel free to explore it. I will gladly help

Hi, my name is Arina and I will help you find the best deals in Romania in terms of traveling. I, myself, am a person who loves traveling and discovering new places. I have seen all the countries in western Europe. They are all beautiful and each one unique in its way. But Romania is remarkably beautiful. It has breathtaking landscapes, nice people and great food. The problem is that you have to search in order to get these travel treats in Romania. This country can be extraordinary if you know where to go, what to ask for and who you can talk to. And this is why I am here. I love my country, I think it has a lot to offer in terms of tourism (I’ve personally experienced it) and I want to help any tourist that wants to see Romania and needs help to find the best accommodation, transportation or just safety tips and best deals. For any question, you can contact me on this blog, on my facebook profile (https://www.facebook.com/Arina.me) or on email (arina.web@gmail.com).Image

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One Response to Welcome to Romania. Feel free to explore it. I will gladly help

  1. Redmond says:

    I would be interested in a post about Romania in the winter months as I am thinking of traveling there soon for a few days. A lot of the tourism seems to be geared towards spring/fall. Is it a good location for winter as well and what would you recommend in the area around Bucharest during January?

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