MAP: Romania, its regions and counties. How to travel in different cultural regions

Romania has a total number of 41 counties. Each of them is ruled by the local level of government within its borders. Most counties are named after a major river, while some are named after cities within them, such as the county seat.

If you travel to Romania you had better have some knowledge about the official administrative divisions and also the cultural regions. Every county has a county seat, a city that is the most important in the area.

Very often, the city that is the county seat shares its name with the county.


Alba County – Alba Iulia City
Arad County – Arad City
Argeş County – Piteşti City
Bacău County – Bacău City
Bihor County – Oradea City
Bistriţa-Năsăud County – Bistriţa City
Botoşani County – Botoşani City
Braşov County – Braşov City
Brăila County – Brăila City
Buzău County – Buzău City
Călăraşi County – Călăraşi City
Caraş-Severin County – Reşiţa City
Cluj County – Cluj-Napoca City
Constanţa County – Constanţa City
Covasna County – Sfântu Gheorghe City
Dâmboviţa County – Târgovişte City
Dolj County – Craiova City
Galaţi County – Galaţi City
Giurgiu County – Giurgiu City
Gorj County – Târgu Jiu City
Harghita County – Miercurea Ciuc City
Hunedoara County – Deva City
Ialomiţa County – Slobozia City
Iaşi County – Iaşi City
Ilfov County – Bucharest (Capital)
Maramureş County – Baia Mare City
Mehedinţi County – Drobeta Turnu Severin City
Mureş County – Târgu Mureş City
Neamţ County – Piatra Neamţ City
Olt County – Slatina City
Prahova County – Ploieşti City
Satu Mare County – Satu Mare City
Sălaj County – Zalău City
Sibiu County – Sibiu City
Suceava County – Suceava City
Teleorman County – Alexandria City
Timiş County – Timişoara City
Tulcea County – Tulcea City
Vaslui County – Vaslui City
Vâlcea County – Râmnicu Vâlcea City
Vrancea County – Focşani City

Here is a map of the Romanian counties. The two capital letters you can see above the name of the county is the abbreviation used for the car number.

So, if you see a car with the number: VN – 34 – TXG, it means that the car is from Vrancea County. If you see one with the number MM – 34 – TXG, it means that the car is from the north of Romania, from Maramureş County. Also, a car with the number like B – 34 – TXG comes from Bucharest (the Capital)

Romania is also divided in cultural and historical regions. These regions include multiple counties and they differentiate one from the other by some pronunciation particularities,  some traditions, arhitecture and even food. Also, some distinguish themselves by the origin of the people living there, this being the consequence of the different occupations during the wars. For exemple, in the western part of Romania you will find many people with German origins.


MUNTENIA –  SOUTH – EAST OF ROMANIA ( the Capital of Romania-Bucharest-  is in the centre of this region)

OLTENIA – SOUTH – WEST (It is so named after an important river that flows in the region – the Olt )

MOLDOVA – EAST (This region is famous for its great food and hospitality of the people)

BUCOVINA – NORTH – EAST (This region is famous for its painted monasteries. Deemed masterpieces of Byzantine art, these churches are one-of-a-kind architectural sites in Europe)

TRANSILVANIA – CENTER  (Transilvania is best known for the Dracula Legends)

MARAMURES – NORTH (Maramures is a region best known for its unique arhitectural style of the houses and churches)

CRISANA – NORTH WEST (Crisana region gets its name from a river named Criş)

BANAT – SOUTH WEST (Banat is known its specific customs)

!!! The information in this article will prove  to be very useful when I start to publish articles about all the places worth visiting in every county

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