The 7 Stairs Canyon. A breathtaking experience in the core of a mountain. Beware! 7 ladders and 7 mini-heart attacks

The Seven Stairs Canyon (or Seven Ladders Canyon) is a breathtaking attraction in Romania, near Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in eastern Europe.

Road to 7 stairs canyon

Piatra Mare mountain

The trip to the 7 Stairs Canyon can be done in one day and it’s a remarkable  experience for brave tourists.  7 Stairs Canyon lies in Piatra Mare Mountains and it is one of the great attractions in Brasov for those who enjoy hiking . The road to the canyon (and back) can be done in about two hours and it is accessible to children. The tricky part is to cross this canyon. That I wouldn’t recommend to children. Thousands of tourists transit this area but I personally  find it quite dangerous. With every ladder climbed, if you are not used with climbing mountains, you will have a few mini heart-attacks. Or at least I did. As you will see in the images below, the circuit on the rocks is really not according to safety regulations.

7 stairs canyon

The Romanian authorities posted an announcement at the entrance in the canyon where tourists are warned not to enter and to choose a detour outside these rocks. However, many many tourists choose to take this beautiful trip along the rocks and waterfalls. Fortunately, no tourist has been hurt here.

7 stairs canyon

The stairs are really close to the waterfalls so in hot days it is very refreshing to climb the stairs with water splashing on you. However, tourists must be careful. The water from the waterfalls can make the steps a little bit slippery and it is very important to hold on really tight when climbing.

seven bridge canyon

7 stairs canyon

The touristic road

To get to this canyon you must first arrive in the area named “Dambu Morii” which is located near the small town of Timisul de Jos (you can find it on GPS – Timisul de Jos, Brasov, Romania). If you travel by car you must go on the road from Bucharest to Brasov City. At about 17 kilometers from Brasov, in the area of a resort named Dambu Morii (you can also find in on GPS – Camping Dambu Morii, Sacele, Brasov) you must notice a small road on the right (right – if you come from Bucharest, left – if you come from Brasov). You make the turn on that road. You can either park at the entrance or you can park a little bit further,  closer to the point where your trip to the 7 Stairs Canyon begins. There is a parking lot there, with no taxes included. There are three important landmarks on this road to the Piatra Mare mount. There is this 7 stairs Canyon and further up, for those who want more adventure, there is a precipice named The Bear’s Precipice (Prapastia Ursului) and finally a chalet. (The Bear’s Precipice and the chalet will be presented in another post on Tourist in Romania blog).

Seven ladders Canyon

seven stairs canyon

“The Seven Ladders are located in the middle-western part of the Piatra Mare Mountains, at the average altitude of 980 meters, not far from Valea Timisului (Dambu Morii), on the Seven Ladders River, the left side affluent of Sipoaia Creek. These are the greatest and the most spectacular gorges of the whole Piatra Mare Mountains. Their length is 160 meters with a level difference of 58 m. The first ladder of the gorges, going upwards, has a height of 8 meters, followed by other ladders, the longest one has a height of 12 meters. The seven ladders are carved in Jurassic calcite, which  register the recent evolution of the entire mountain. The accelerated Epigenesis had led to the creation of the river, first in the cretaceous aggregation layer and then in Jurassic calcite layer. This has conducted in the hill breaks (the seven cascades) that follow on the river bed (2,5 – 15 meters height).”

The seven stairs canyon

the seven stairs canyon

It takes about one hour going up and another one going down (if you choose not to climb further) to get to the canyon and back through the forest. For those who want to go up the mountain but not through the dangerous canyon there is a detour itinerary. For those that want to challenge themselves on the ladders they must follow (from the parking lot) the yellow line sign (see photo below – on the tree trunk). This marking leads the tourist to the 7 Ladders Canyon and through it. After you get out from the rock passage and if you want to go back, you have two choices. Either you go back the way you came (through the canyon) or you choose the detour road. It is easy to go back on the same road but if you want to see another side of the mountain while going back you must follow the red dot marking. Very important! Do not follow the red line or the yellow line. They will only get you higher on the mountain not back. So, after you get out of the canyon you must find the red dot. There is no mobile signal in the forest so you must not get lost. Never try new roads and walk only on marked road.

The seven stairs canyon

Seven stairs canyon

The canyon is opened from March to November (if the weather is good) but the best time to visit is in summer(at least for a day you will escape from the heat ). This canyon is one  touristic attraction that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. You will not regret it.

Piatra Mare Mountain

seven ladders canyon

Brasov, the closest City to this place (Piatra Mare Mountain and 7 Stairs Canyon) has many accommodation offers if you want to spend the night.  Also, the canyon is situated at 176 kilometers (2 h and 21 min) from Bucharest, the Capital of Romania.



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2 Responses to The 7 Stairs Canyon. A breathtaking experience in the core of a mountain. Beware! 7 ladders and 7 mini-heart attacks

  1. Oran says:

    Hi. This looks wonderful. Besides the missing wooden slate, are the ladders themselves safe – secured on the rock?
    Thank you so much for you site and all the wonderful info. We are really looking forward to our visit to Romania.

    • arinaweb says:

      Well, I for one am not very sure of the ladders being secured on the rock. They were trembling as we climbed them. I have never heard of an accident happening there, though. There were many people climbing up and down, many with small children. So at least they thought it was safe. I really don’t know what to say. I was a little bit afraid but I was fine in the end. Maybe they look frightening but they are not so bad after all.

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