The Legend behind the Bridge of God or how was the Devil banished from his hide-out

The Bridge of God is a natural formation in the south-western part of Romania, near Ponoarele village, in Mehedinti county. It is one of the three natural bridges in the world (there are two more – one in France and one in USA) and it is the only one that can be crossed by car. The bridge is actually a 4 meters thick rock arch, with an opening of 25 m and a length of 50 m. The bridge lies between two karstic lakes.
The Bridge of godHowever, the legend surpasses the bridge’s greatness, as the story behind it it’s somehow more interesting than the sightseeing spot itself.

This natural bridge is actually part of an old cave whose front ceiling collapsed and left it as it can be seen nowadays.the bridge of god


The legend behind this Bridge of God implies one of the most common motifs in the world: the fight between good and evil.

It is said that the Devil himself lived in the Ponoarele cave. People say that God, answering to people’s prayers, chased the Devil to his lair  and wanted to banish him from his home. So God struck the cave’s ceiling with his hand. The rock collapsed but the Devil escaped from under the rubble. He lost his home but he never abandoned the place. It is said that he is still watching over the place from what it is called the Devil’s cliff. The legend says that, from time to time, he likes to drown people in Zatonul Mare Lake (photo). Some other natural formations (photo) in the area are said to be the proof of the the Devil’s claws clutching on his way out of the cave.


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAOther people say that this bridge is blessed by God. It is said that every accident that happened here left the drivers unharmed, even though the cars got smashed. It is also said that on this bridge, the cars are left without brakes and God watches over so that people would safely cross the it.

Near the Bridge, tourists can see Ponoarele cave, which can be explored only by experienced travelers. There is no fee for visiting the bridge or the cave.

The Bridge is far away from Bucharest, the Capital of Romania. The nearest airport is in Craiova city, at about 129 kilometers. But here are the routes if you choose to travel by car.

This is the route from Craiova City to the Bridge of God

This is the route from Bucharest to the Bridge of God



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