Bucharest unknown: the secret exhibit hidden in the floor of a subway station

Bucharest subway (Bucharest metro – Romania)  was built mainly in the communist era. The communist architectural touch can easily be noticed in all the subway stations. Even the dim light is a reminiscence of that regime, as the authorities of that time did not want to use too much energy.

Politehnica subway station

However, one of the 51 subway stations is truly special. Curiously, not even the people living in Bucharest and traveling underground don’t know why the station named Politehnica is a special one.

Thousands of people pass through this station every day not knowing that they are stepping on 80-million-year-old fossils. So, if you look closely on the marble floor you can see fossils dating from the Upper Cretaceous period. You can observe the fossils of creatures that lived millions of years ago in the oceans.

SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNG The area where the marble was extracted is located in the Apuseni mountains (western part of Romania). In the Upper Cretaceous period, this area was covered with water. This is why all the fossils in the station’s floor are marine creatures like seashells, mollusks and algae.

SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGThe story of this marble is peculiar. This subway station was built in 1983 and because of the tight deadlines that Nicolae Ceausescu (the communist leader) gave, the workers hurried the construction as much as they could. At that time, the punishment for not keeping a deadline was rather harsh so no one dared to delay a project. This is why this marble was carved in a most brutal way and put into this station without even noticing the value of the fossils.


Politehnica station is not far from the center of the Bucharest. If you are in Piata Unirii station (Bucharest center), you must take the subway that is going into “Preciziei” direction. After three stations (Piata Unirii – Izvor – Eroilor), you can step down, at Politehnica Station and admire the Upper Cretaceous encrusted into the floor.

Bucharest subway map

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